Fiber technology is the future!

NTCNet is replacing the majority of its copper network with direct fiber-based connections to your home or business. NTCNet will be bringing fast, reliable, and affordable high speed fiber based Internet to a large portion of our network due in part to a grant received from the New NYS Broadband Program.  The combined NTCNet grant project represent over $11,600,000 of State Grant money and NTCNet private investment.

NTCNet will be installing fiber optic cable directly to homes and businesses in portions of Hamilton, Herkimer and Oneida Counties. The project encompasses portions of nine townships; Deerfield, Herkimer, Schuyler, Fairfield, Newport, Russia, Ohio, Norway and Morehouse.  We have completed 280 miles of mainline fiber routes that will serve approximately 1900 homes and businesses in the Phase 2 New NY Broadband Grant.

Unlike other providers, NTCNet can extend its fiber directly to your home or business to ensure the best end-to-end service from a single provider for Internet and Phone.

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Why Fiber

Fiber technology carries communication services using light waves instead of electricity.  Direct Fiber SPEED, powered by NTCNet, is the most advanced communication system available in the world today. It is incredibly efficient, allowing data to flow farther and faster than ever before.

  • Shocking Speed – Consistent and lightning fast. Unlimited data.
  • Reliability – Withstands the elements. No shared bandwidth.
  • More of Everything – Connect more. Stream more. Save more.
  • The Future – Grows with you. Advanced innovative design.
  • Security – Protected connections. Harder for hackers.
  • Home Values – Invest in fiber. Increase home value.