Inside Wiring

Add Wire Maintenance to your phone service for a small monthly fee of $1.74 per jack for residential service and $2.61 per jack for business service.  Add Wire Maintenance to your home phone service now and if anything should happen to your inside wiring, we’ll fix it fast and at no charge. We can help! Please contact our Customer Care Department.


Inside wire installation and maintenance is a deregulated service, meaning that customers can install and maintain their own inside wire, or request that NTCNet provide these services.

If you request that NTCNet install your inside wire, the following charge will apply:

  • Residential: up to $37.88 per jack, taxes and surcharges shall apply.
  • Business: up to $48.14 per jack, taxes and surcharges shall apply.

When NTCNet is dispatched for a trouble call and the problem is a inside wire problem, if you do not have wire maintenance coverage a repair fee of $25.00 will be charged and additional time and materials may apply.

Note: This option can be discontinued at any time and the rate is subject to change. If you have any questions, or to subscribe to this excellent offer just call us 315.845.8112 or send us an email.