DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line, it uses a customer’s ordinary telephone line to create a dedicated, high-speed connection to the internet. In addition to providing speeds that are up to 30 times faster than dialup, DSL is always on and it does not tie up your phone line. You can talk and go online at the same time, with just one phone line.

DSL DSL (Data Line Only)
Speeds (Down/Up) Up To 6M/1Mbps Up To 6M/1Mbps
Email addresses 5 5
Price $48.95/Month1 $78.95/Month1,2
One time activiation fee $99.003 $99.003

1. Prices do not include modem rental ($6.00/month) applicable taxes, surcharges or fees.
2. Data Line Only price does not require residential phone service from NTCNet.
3. $99.00 Activation Fee waived with a one year commitment.

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