Customers Are Good For Business!

Who understands that better than NTC/NTCNET? I believe that’s why they have been a strong local company for over a Century.

It’s been my experience that customer needs both Residential and Business are The Top priority of NTC/NTCNet. When the Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce moved into our new office NTC/NTCNET was there for all our needs for both our office and our Board room.  The quality and service that we have received over the past 8 years has been extraordinary and may I add on a timely basis which is very important to the Chamber or anyone that depends on phone service for its business.

Just recently The Chamber was in a position to upgrade our Phone system we went with technology, quality and service we chose NTC/NTCNET.  They have been a great partner of The Herkimer County Chamber Of Commerce and the entire community that they serve.

NTC (Nice To Customers)