Equipment, Services & Installation Charges


Call for a free consultation for the following services.

Indoor Business Managed Wi-Fi TBD
Outdoor Business Managed Wi-Fi TBD
Ethernet Over Power Adapters TBD
Networking Labor (1/2 hr increments) $65.00/hr


Service Price
Installation Charge Varies
Inside Wire Maintenance RES $1.74/mo
BUS $2.61/mo
Static IP Address

RES $5.00/mo
BUS $5.00/mo

Website Hosting

RES starting at $19.95/mo
BUS starting at $19.95/mo

House Visits (1/2 hr increments) $65.00/hr
Secured Server ($30.00 Set-up Fee) $5.00/mo

Fiber Installation Charges

Up to 300ft 301-500ft 501-1000ft Over 1000ft
Aerial Fiber Drop Install Charge $49 $100 $250 $500
Buried (Conduit Existing) Charge $49 $100 $500 $750
Up to 300ft Over 300ft
Buried (New Conduit) Charge $2501 $250 plus $3.00/ft1

1Pre–Installation Site Survey is required. Locate Charge may vary based on situation.