Why am I not receiving some long distance calls, or there is no one on the line?


Have you recently had someone outside our local calling area try to call you but got no answer, or the phone keeps ringing or other problems? Does your phone sometimes ring, but no one is on it when you answer?

These and other similar problems have become a national issue to the point that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been investigating the problem. What is causing this relatively recent phenomenon given the fact that telephones have been around for 100 years?

Over the last few years complaints concerning calls to rural areas across the country have been on the rise. Many point to wholesale network providers known as “Least Cost Routers” who route long distance calls on behalf of telephone providers. With competition and the growing number of unlimited calling plans being offered, certain telephone providers increasingly turn to “Least Cost Routers” to keep costs down. Given the higher than average cost to complete long distance calls to rural areas than more populated urban areas, some providers unfortunately may be deciding that it is cheaper to not complete calls.

Earlier this year, the FCC issued a ruling warning carriers of suspensions and/or possible fines of up to $1.5 million for failing to complete calls. For additional information or to report a problem, visit the FCC’s website.

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