Additional Email Tidbits


Q. I have an Apple iPhone. I can receive my NTCNet e-mails, but I can not send.

A. Try clicking on your NTCNet email account, then scroll down to Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP). As for the Host Name, use – “” (without the quotation marks). The entry of your username would be your full e-mail address – Finally, scroll down and choose Advanced and denote/choose Password Authentication.

Q. What is the maximum size e-mail attachment I can send using NTCNet’s e-mail service?

A. The total size of the message, including the body and any attachments is 20MB.

Q. I use NTCNet for my e-mail, but sometimes I connect to the Internet through another ISP. When I do this I can receive my e-mail, but I can not send, why?

A. You’ll need to configure additional settings in your e-mail client to do this. First, set your e-mail client to use SMTP Authentication. Second, set your e-mail client to send mail on Port 465/SSL.

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