Interconnection Policy

NTCNet’s proposed fiber project will meet and comply with the NOFA non-discrimination and network interconnection policies.

Non-discrimination – NTCNet will meet or exceed the requirements set forth by the FCC’s Internet Policy Statement, FCC 05-151, adopted August 5, 2005 regarding non-discrimination and actively encourages broadband deployment and the preservation and promotion of the open and interconnected nature of the public Internet.

Interconnection – NTCNet’s middle mile service offering will be high-capacity, point-to-point private line transport services. NTCNet will not manage or limit the content of communications traffic transiting NTCNet’s network, except to the extent necessary to maintain reliable service. NTCNet’s network management practices will not involve preferential routing of traffic on the basis of content or provider. NTCNet will utilize neutral traffic routing and will enable connections to other carriers and to the public Internet. NTCNet will display its network management policies in a prominent location on its Web page and will provide notice to customers of changes to these policies.

NTCNet will continue to interconnect with other carriers to exchange traffic at our primary network Point of Presence (“POP”) locations and possibly other network nodes, where feasible. NTCNet will negotiate with bona fide requesting parties to interconnect on negotiated, commercially-reasonable terms and conditions.

Questions regarding this Policy should be emailed to us.