Uploading Web Pages to NTCNet’s Web Server

In order to make your WebPages viewable on the Internet, they need to be on our Web servers. The easiest way to do this is with an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. To send files via FTP, you need to use an FTP client. We recommend Core FTP LE for Windows. If you need a copy of Core FTP LE, you can download it below. Once you have installed the program, follow the steps below to upload your WebPages.

Download Core FTP LE

Please note the instructions below are assuming that you are using Core FTP LE. If you are using a different program (such as Interarchy for the Macintosh), you will have to modify the instructions below to work with that program. Your FTP program most likely comes with instructions to follow.

  1. Start Core FTP LE
  2. In the Site Name box type NTCNet
  3. In the Host / IP / URL type ftp.ntcnet.com
  4. Enter your username and password (these are the same ones that you use to connect to NTCNet)
  5. Leave everything else set to the defaults
  6. Click the “Connect” button

Once you are connected, you will see two (2) sets of files. The files on the left side are stored on your computer; the files on the right side are stored on NTCNet’s Web server. In order to transfer files from one computer to the other, all you need to do is double click on the file, and it will be transferred. Once you have all of your files transferred, your webpage will be viewable at http://www.ntcnet.com/~username/, where "username" equals your NTCNet username.