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Creating a Dial-Up Networking Connection

Step 1
Double-click the Hard Disk icon and locate the Assistants folder.

Step 2
Double-click on the Internet Setup Assistant icon.

Step 3
The following table contains information that will help you create your internet connection.

Window Title Questions Asked Required Answer
Welcome Would you like to set up your iMac to use the Internet? Yes
Internet Account Do You already have an interent account? Yes
Introduction   Read the information and click on the right arrow to continue
Configuration Name and Connection Type What would you like to name this configuration? Enter ntcnet and click on the right arrow to continue
Modem Settings

Which modems are you using?

Which Port...?

Tone or dial?

Ignore Dial tone

If this is the first time you have set up your Internet connection and you have not made any changes on the Modem Control Panel then they are probably already set.

Click on the right arrow to continue

Configuration Information

What is the Phone Number?


What name do you use with this service?


What is you password?

Enter the number that most closely matches your location. These numbers are located on the sheet you received from us

Enter you NTCNet username

Enter the password assigned

**All passwords are usernames are case sensitive

PPP Connect Script Does your ISP require a PPP Connect Script? No
IP Address Is there an IP address..? No
Domain Name Servers Domain name... Leave Blank
E-mail addresses and password

What is the E-mail address...?

What is the e-mail password...?

Your e-mail address is "your username"

Use the same password as above

Newsgroup Host

What is the newsgroup host? (Optional)
Proxies Dou you use proxyservers...? No
Conclusion   Click the GoAhead button

Step 4
In order to connect/disconnect from the internet after you have configured your dial-up connection you will need to use the Remote Access control panel