1. Download and install Ad-aware: Open the following link in your browser and click download now.
2. You can just click on the "Open" instead of save button to install the program from the website, take the defaults for the install.
3. After the program is installed, there will be an ad-aware icon on the desktop.
4. Open the application and click "check for updates now"
5. Click "Connect"
6. Click the button to install the new reference file, and finish.
7. Next, open the ad-aware program and click "start".
8. Choose "smart scan"
9. Click Next and the system will be scanned.
10. When the scanning process is complete, make sure you delete or quarantine the objects that are found.
Run through steps 4-9 after the computer is restarted and make sure no new objects are found. After that, once every month should be sufficient.


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