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Creating a Dial-Up Networking Connection
Dial-Up Networking connections for Windows 95, 98

Step 1
Double-click My Computer

Step 2
Double-click Dial-Up Networking

Double-click Make New Connection

Step 4
Input ntcnet as the name of connection and click Next

Step 5
Enter the access number for your area and click Next

Step 6
Click Finish

Step 7
Right click on NTCNet Internet icon and choose Properties

Step 8
Uncheck Use area code box and click on the Server Types tab

Step 9
Un check the Log on to network box

Step 10
Uncheck the NetBeui and IPX/SPX boxes. Click OK.

Step 11
Right click on NTCNet Internet icon and choose Create Shortcut.

Step 12
Click Yes to create a shortcut on desktop.